Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Congestive Heart Failure Telehealth Service Model

4 Healthcare delivery organisation in the United4Health consortium will deploy at large scale and assess the effectiveness and organisational aspects of the telehealth service model in other and local settings.

Patients from 6 regions in Europe will receive remote monitoring of their CHF condition.

During the CHF pilot the patient, at home will use the devices provided to measure his/her heart rate, blood pressure, pulse-oxymetry and weight.  The devices collect the data and send to the gateway wirelessly, an operator will check the data collected by the patient.  In the case of clinical parameters outwith the normal range, the system’s software detects the alert situation for the operator to manage, if required the clinician can then access the patient data and take any necessary action.

The telehealth service model for remote monitoring of CHF is generically is presented in below illustration: For more information on site specific service models click here;

U4H CHF Telehealth Protocol