Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

COPD Telehealth Service Model

6 Healthcare delivery organisations in the United4Health consortium will deploy at large scale and assess the effectiveness and organisational aspects of the telehealth service model in other and local settings.

Patients from 6 regions in Europe will receive short-term follow up after they have been admitted to hospital due to exacerbation as a result of their COPD condition.

The pilot will include patients admitted to hospital with a COPD exacerbation who is then discharged from hospital and provided with a telemonitorin package including video conferencing along with a puse oxymeter.  Intervention will then occur and differing time periods through the following weeks, up to a peroid of 12 months following discharge.  Data will be captured in relation to reading and the patients answers to pre-selected questions.  Following receipt the respiratory nurse will then contact the patient to arrange telephone/video review/home visit/hospital attendance as approporiate.

The telehealth service model for short-term follow up after hospital discharge of COPD patients is generically presented in below illustration: For more information on site specific service models click here;

U4H COPD Telehealth Protocol