Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Work Package 2

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Dissemination and Communication

D2.1 – U4H Website

Deliverable D2.1 describes the structure/design and scope of the United4Health website which aims to raise awareness of the U4H project and telehealth in general.

D2.2 – U4H Preliminary Dissemination Plan

Deliverable D2.2 describes the U4H Dissemination Plan over the three-year project period.

D2.3 – Leaflet Version 1

Deliverable D2.3 is Version 1 of the U4H Project Leaflet, which outlines the main aims of the U4H project and provides information on the consortium partners involved in the delivery of the U4H Project.

D2.4 – Dissemination Framework targeting healthcare professionals

Deliverable D2.4 describes the dissemination framework providing medical associations working at national or European level with a catalogue of activities that they may initiate to increase the knowledge level, interest and willingness to engage in eHealth among their members and stakeholders.
D2.4 Annex 1 – EWMA Symposium Programme
D2.4 Annex 2 – eHealth in Wound Care Guidance
D2.4 Annex 3 – EWMA Journal – Articles selection

D2.5 – Consolidated Dissemination Plan

Deliverable D2.5 outlines the dissemination activities associated with the United4Health project. It identifies the target audiences for project deliverables at international, national and local levels.

D2.6 – Midterm Workshop

Deliverable D2.6 documents the results of the U4H Midterm Workshop held on 12th September 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.

D2.7a – Leaflet Version 2

Deliverable D2.7a is version 2 of the Project Leaflet and provides an overview of the progress of the project.

D2.7b – Care Delivery Model Brochure

Deliverable D2.7b describes and illustrates how each of the 14 regionss deployment sites have embedded their telehealth technology solution into their care pathways.

D2.8 – U4H Final Conference

Deliverable D2.8 presents the results of the U4H Final Conference held in two parts, with a policy-oriented workshop organised with STOA in the European Parliament on 1st Dec 2015, and a final conference held on 19th-20th January 2016.
D2.8 Annex 1 – STOA Workshop
D2.8 Annex 2 – Final Conference / Joint Symposium