Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Work Package 3

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Pilot Evaluation and Deployment Planning

D3.1 – Scientific Study Protocols for each of the three multicentre studies

Deliverable D3.1 details the final study protocols for the three pilots; COPD, Diabetes and Heart Failure.

D3.2 – Multicentre database specification

Deliverable D3.2 describes the U4H database that was used to collect and aggregate the data provided by the U4H Deployment Sites to inform the project evaluation activities.

D3.4 – Intermediate report on the status of recruitment

Deliverable D3.4 describes the status of patient recruitment by month 27 of the project, outlining patient numbers, issues encountered by deployment sites and mitigating factors implemented.

D3.5 – Final Evaluation Report

Deliverable D3.5 summarises the main results from the three clinical trials in United4Health.

D3.6 – United4Health Deployment Plan

Deliverable D3.6 provides the Deployment Plan for each of the United4Health regional deployment sites, based on their United4Health experiences and outcomes.

D3.7 – Comparison of results between U4H and Renewing Health projects

Deliverable D3.7 summarises and compares the main results from United4Health and Renewing Health.

D3.8 – Guidelines for Procuring and Implementing Telehealth

Deliverable D3.8 sets out what has been learned from the United4Health project about how to effectively and successfully deploy scalable telehealth services in the diverse healthcare settings across Europe and, based on this learning, provide guidelines on procuring and implementing large-scale telehealth.