Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Work Package 4

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User Advisory Board Management

D4.3 – User Advisory Board Final Feedback

Deliverable D4.3 provides details of the policy messages derived from the findings and lessons learned within the United4Health project and its purpose is to ensure that the learnings from United4Health are shared with European institutions, and national and regional policymakers.

D4.3 Annex 1 – Upscaling Telehealth – the need for policy engagement

D4.3 Annex 2 – Feedback on Renewing Health

D4.3 Annex 3 – Cardiac Conditions and Telehealth

D4.3 Annex 4 – Respiratory Conditions and Telehealth

D4.3 Annex 5 – Diabetes and Telehealth

D4.3 Annex 6 – Proposed Policy Messages

D4.3 Annex 7 – Meeting held in Scotland