Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Work Package 5

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Industry Advisory Team Management – Standards and Interoperability issues

D5.1 – IAT Workshop

Deliverable D5.1 summarises the Industry Advisory Team’s workshop on interoperability and regulatory practices delivered for regions on 18th June 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

D5.1 Annex 1 – Presentations

D5.2 – Technical Document and Recommendations

Deliverable D5.2 provides a technical and industry overview of the United4Health project technical architecture, equipment and standards at the project outset.

D5.3A – Workshop @ mHealth Summit

Deliverable D5.3A United4Health and GSMA ran a workshop at the mHealth Summit in Berlin on May 7th 2014. This document provides an overview of that workshop, including all presentations and discussion.

D5.3B – Workshops “Talkshops”

Deliverable D5.3B provides an overview of a workshop run by U4H and GSMA workshop at the European Telemedicine Conference (ETC) at Odense on 22nd October 2015. The workshop focused on deployment site system and clinical process demonstrations, presenting key technical findings for implementing successful remote monitoring systems in support of the management of chronic conditions.

D5.4 – Interoperability in Practice: an Assessment

Deliverable D5.4 summarises the Industry Advisory Team’s analysis on D5.4 and the workshop on interoperability delivered on 13th June 2014, Kristiansand, Norway.

D5.6 U4H Workshop on Regulatory Practices and Telemedicine

Deliverable D5.6 describes the workshop undertaken by COCIR on D5.5; Telemedicine Legal and Regulatory Framework, held in Santiago de Compostella on 6th May 2015.

D5.6 Annex 1 – Deployment Site Assessment Report

D5.6 Annex 2 – Presentation on Legal and Regulatory Issues

D5.7 – Workshop: Interoperability in Practice Lessons Learned

Deliverable D5.7 provides a summary of the presentations and the discussions at the workshop “Interoperability in practice: lessons learned” held on 6th October 2015 at the United4Health project assembly meeting in Prague.

D5.8 – U4H Interoperability Report

Deliverable D5.8 describes the general system architectures to support these conditions, and each deployment site’s specific implementation of these architectures, along with an analysis of their progress towards standards-based solutions.