Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Diabetes Telehealth Service Model

9 Healthcare delivery organisations in the United4Health consortium will deploy at large scale and assess the effectiveness and organisational aspects of the telehealth service model with the focus on deployment in a routine care environment.

The intervention aims to:

  • Promote self-care and self-management by encouraging use of self-monitoring glucose and lifestyle risk factors and by providing ongoing health coaching.
  • Allow the patient to use the provided device for the measurement of blood glucose level.
  • Make use of the device to collect and transmit the data to the Regional eHealth Centre for processing by the approporaite medical profesional for monitoring.
  • Allow the healthcare professionals to monitor and manage the data, including access to the web based portal to allow monitoring of the patient’s health condition at any time.

The telehealth service model for life-long monitoring of diabetes is generically presented in below illustration: For more information on site specific service models click here;U4H Diabetes Telehealth Protocol