Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

Project Evaluation

MAST Model

The evaluation of the large scale deployment conducted by the 14 regions in United4Health will be completed using MAST – Model for Assessment of Telemedicine.

MAST is a framework ensuring a rigorous evaluation of telemedicine applications in the healthcare sector.   The model was developed as part of the MethoTelemed project, which aimed to provide a structured framework for assessing the effectiveness and contribution to quality of care of telemedicine applications. Afterwards, MAST has been tested and validated in 21 pilots in the RENEWING HEALTH project. Consequently, MAST has been adopted by several regional and local assessment agencies and organisations as the model for assessment of telehealth services.

MAST’s main component is a multidisciplinary assessment on 7 domains:

1. Health problem and characteristics of the application

2. Safety

3. Clinical effectiveness

4. Patient perspectives

5. Economic aspects

6. Organisational aspects

7. Socio-cultural, ethical and legal aspects

The evaluation of United4Health aims to produce a methodical and multidisciplinary evaluation of the effectiveness of the three telehealth services, including;

  • short-term follow up after hospital discharge of COPD patients;
  • life-long monitoring of Diabetes; and
  • remote monitoring of Congestive Heart Failure.

For more information on MAST and access to training material and toolkits, please view the following resources:

User Manual; toolkit; and user templates and guidance documents

Training Videos

Background information on MAST and it’s development