Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

U4H Building Blocks – Towards a Common Goal

The United4Health project is made up of several building blocks, all contributing to pursuing a common objective: assessing the impact of innovative healthcare services, that have been redesigned to take full advantage of telehealth.

The core of the project is the 4 innovative services models using telehealth technologies to care for patients suffering from Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes and Hypertension.

Towards a Common Goal














Healthcare delivery organisations in fourteen regions, from eleven countries are deploying one or more of these innovative health care services and will assess their impact in real life.  To achieve this, they are being supported by several support building blocks:

  • A common evaluation methodology – MAST – to assess impact of these innovative services
  • A project management team in charge of the coordination of all activities
  • A set of dissemination activities targeting either a wide audience or a scientific one
  • A liaison mechanism to develop synergies with other relevant European initiatives .

In pursuit of this objective, each healthcare delivery organisations is learning valuable lessons from service deployment in different domains. Seven trans-national organisations will help these healthcare delivery organisations to identify, formulate and analyse lessons learned on:

  • How to organize the deployment of innovative healthcare services
  • How to address interoperability requirements and procure the necessary technology
  • What conclusions can be derived from these lessons learned and project results to health policy makers and regulatory authorities
  • How can these lessons learned be shared with future users to streamline their adoption of telehealth.