Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

User Policy Advisory Board (UPAB)

About the United4Health user policy advisory board

The UPAB has supported the United4Health project by giving input and advice, on the impact of the project activities on policy discussions about the transformation of healthcare systems in Europe. Comments came from a wide range of user-related stakeholders, and provided the opinions of older adults, patients and physicians, health care providers and payers.

Its main contributions have included:

  • Two reports (one public): First, an internal report that gave initial feedback on the preliminary work undertaken by United4Health (particularly its roots in the Renewing Health project) and outlined the terms of reference for the Board (see internal deliverable D4.1). Second, a policy briefing that laid out the project’s overall policy messages (see external deliverable D4.3).
  • Two reports (both internal): Notes from two local United4Health meetings, in Norway and Scotland to discuss deployment reflected on the potential to gain increased input from healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Five internal meetings and two public ones: Meetings held between September 2014 and November 2015. Representatives from the policy board’s member associations reviewed, the background to the project; the project findings on;
    •  eHealth applications’ deployment for cardiac conditions
    • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • diabetes

UPAB members attended the STOA meeting held on 1 December 2015, and will attend the United4Health final conference to be held on 18/19 January 2016.

User Policy Advisory Board Organisations

Organisation Web site
AEIP – European Association of Paritarian Organisations
AER – Assembly of European Regions
AGE – AGE Platform Europe
AIM – International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies
CPME – Standing Committee of European Doctors
EBC – European Brain Council
ECC – European COPD Coalition
EFA – European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Association
EHMA – European Health Management Association
EHN – European Heart Network
EHTEL – European Health Telematics Association
EPF – European Patients’ Forum
EPHA – European Public Health Alliance
ERS – European Respiratory Society
ESC – European Society of Cardiology
ESIP – European Social Insurance Partners
ESR – European Society of Radiology
Eurocarers – Eurocarers
EUREGHA – European Regional and Local Health Authorities
EWMA –  European Wound Management Association
HOPE – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation
IDF Europe – International Diabetes Federation
UEMS – Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes