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Region of Southern Denmark

Region of Southern Denmark (color)The Region of South Denmark (RSD) is one of five regions in Denmark, and covers approx. 1.2 million inhabitants. The main task of the region is to run the health service in Southern Denmark. The region is also in charge of a number of specialised social services, including care for the disabled.

RSD is the largest workplace in the region, employing around 25,000 people, and has an annual health service expenditure of approx. 2.8 billion euros a year. The region operates four main hospital units each with several localities, and the hospitals in RSD collaborate with 800 GPs to provide medical treatment.

Increasingly over the past 10 years, the region has focused on eHealth and telemedicine – both in research projects but also in implementation. All hospitals in the region have implemented telemedicine services, and the level of electronic communication is very high as almost 6 million messages are transmitted electronically every month between hospitals, GPs, municipalities, pharmacies, therapists and other health institutions in the Region.?

OUH (Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital) is the largest hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark with a total of 50 clinical departments and an operating budget of approx. 790 million €/year. It is also the 3rd largest hospital in Denmark. Approximately 105,000 patients are hospitalized and over 900,000 ambulant patients are treated at OUH every year.

The Region of Southern Denmark and OUH is an international front runner in clinical innovation and telemedicine, and OUH has recently been awarded HIMSS Stage 6 recognition for its level of digitization and use of ICT.

Innovation activities at Odense University Hospital are organized in the Centre for Innovative Medical Technology by an experienced team of project managers and health IT researchers and experts. CIMT is a joint research and innovation centre for Odense University Hospital (OUH) and University of Southern Denmark (SDU). CIMT works in close collaboration with other regional agencies in the field of health innovation and integrated care.


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