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Campania Regional Healthcare Agency – ARSAN

ARSan_logoAgenzia Regionale Sanitaria – ARSAN is the Health Agency of the Campania Region. It is a public body established in 1996 and regulated by regional laws. As a technostructure, ARSAn operationally supports the Campania Regional Government in the governance and management of the Regional Healthcare System.


The duties of ARSAN have been recently renewed and comprise:

 • The management and the evolution of the Regional Information System as a whole;

• The supervision and coordination of the Quality Management of the Regional Healthcare System and of the Lifelong Learning Program for all the healthcare professions;

• The management and coordination of Research and Innovation programme and project for the evolution of the Regional Healthcare System throughout the different settings and paths of integration;

• The technical assistance to the Local Healthcare Organizations in the development of tools and methodologies for their organization and management control.

In respect to its participation in the United4Health project, ARSAN has a longtime expertise in the Disease Management of Diabetes, consolidated through its significant contribution in the IGEA National Project, coordinated by the Italian National Institute of Health, and its enactment in the Campania region.

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Local Healthcare Authority ASP Cosenza


The Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale of Cosenza – ASP Cosenza – is the public healthcare authority serving the Province of Cosenza. With a population of about 750,000 inhabitants resident in 155 municipalities and spread over a territory of 6,650 km2, the Province of Cosenza is among the Italian provinces with the higher population, the wider territories, and the lower population density.

The mission of ASP Cosenza is to promote, maintain and improve the health of the resident population. As part of the Calabria Regional Healthcare System, ASP Cosenza is in charge to provide the full range of services defined by the national standard “Basic Levels of Assistance (LEAs)” according to the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriateness in the use of resources and costs.

The LEAs include primary and hospital care, as well as collective healthcare in living and working environments.

With an annual budget of about 922 million Euro, healthcare services are operationally provided in the territories by 6 Health Districts and 5 Community Hospitals, 3 of which in urban cities and 2 in the mountain areas.

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 Veneto Region – Azienda ULSS 14 Chioggia

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The Local Health Authority (LHA) n.14 has its registered office in Strada Madonna Marina n. 500, Chioggia (Venice) on the North-East of Italy. Established by regional law in 1994,LHA n.14 is part of Veneto Region’s health and social system, and nowadays includes the three municipalities of Chioggia, Cavarzere and Cona. It is formed by a hospital and a social department: the hospital provides inpatient and outpatient services to the population to guarantee the maintenance and the recovery of the health condition; the social department is in charge of the integration between health and social services, guaranteeing the right assistance for different kind of needs.


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