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John Paul II Hospital in Krakow

JP hosplogoThe John Paul II Hospital is a public health care institution. The mission of the Hospital is to fight against the major epidemic and chronic diseases in society induced by factors related to the environment, civilization, psychological and socio-economic impact. The hospital guarantees highest quality specialist services to treat cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases using the most up-to-date equipment and technology.

The Hospital is one the largest heart and lung centre in Poland. As one of the best-equipped hospitals it offers 526 beds for treatment of a spectrum of diseases. Annually, there are more than 24 000 hospitalized patients and about 100 000 out patients. The Hospital employs the highest qualified and experienced medical staff: 320 physicians, including 9 professors, 19 associate professors, 91 PhD holders, about 620 nurses, 100 technicians of analytics, pharmacy, radiology, electrocardiology and kinesitherapy who work in 16 wards providing daily care as well as day and night care (including 5 clinical wards and 40 specialist laboratories).

The John Paul II Hospital is also actively involved and interested in research studies on new drugs and new medical technologies. Constant efforts are made to implement a homogenous concept of health center. In view of the need to build a research infrastructure, activities of the hospital include a possibility of using medical data for scientific purposes and technology transfer.

To meet patient needs, the Hospital has expanded the range of medical care and health programmes, both in-hospital and out-patient. New diagnostic and therapy modalities were introduced. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with vast personal experience, broad range of diagnostic imaging modalities and highly qualified surgeons and lung physicians are the unique features of the hospital in the Malopolska region and one of the few institutions in Poland that provides diagnostic and therapeutic continuum and control over the process of therapy.

Implementation of projects co-funded by the European Union resulted in major alterations of the Hospital structure providing at the same time measurable health effects. A separate administrative unit at the Hospital – Research and Development Office is responsible for comprehensive management of financed and co-financed projects. Its broad and diverse experience allows for professional financial management, project reporting and monitoring of the contract implementation.

The John Paul II Hospital has carried out 30 co-financed projects with the total value of over 55 mln Euro, 67 clinical trials under the supervision of key players in the pharmaceutical branch and 22 scientific projects in cooperation with the Jagiellonian University Medical College. The Hospital created and maintains national and international level partnerships with various entities: university hospitals, R&D institutions, medical clusters, scientific associations, innovative medical companies.

The John Paul II Hospital is a pioneer in a field of telemedicine in Poland. Experience in this area has been also gathered in several projects: “The John Paul Hospital – eHospital: formation of a digital platform for medical data and teleconsultation”, “Medical Care Continuity”, TCares Project, FI-STAR.

Moreover, in 2007 the John Paul II Hospital as the first institution within the health sector in Poland established the Medical Technology Transfer Centre and the Technology Park Ltd. having 100% of the share capital. The scope of its activity is: to commercialise inventions and research results obtained by science and research institutes, promote their intellectual and infrastructural potential, support innovations and cooperate with industry, especially medical and pharmaceutical, generate research and translate its results into technological innovations to provide medical services, protect intellectual property, coordinate commercialisation of innovations and support to obtain funding for innovative projects.

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