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Osakidetza is the public healthcare system of the Basque Country, a region located in the north of Spain.  Osakidetza was created by the Health Depertment of the Basque Governement in 1983.  All the public hospitals and primary care of the Basque Region are under this organisation.

The Basque Health System includes; 14 hospitals, more that 100 primary care clinics organised through four different geographical areas, apart from the Mental Heath Centres, Emergencies and Basque Tranfusions and Human Tissue Centre.  More than 30,000 professionals work for Osakidetza, which could be considered the biggest organisation of the Basque Country.

Osakidetza has a target population of more than 2 million inhabitants.  It is estimated that in 20 years, 26% of the Basque polulation will be older than 65 years old, therefore this epidemiological pattern requires the improvement of the management of chronic diseases.  In the last 15 years, the prevelance of chronic patients has increased remarkably all over the region, so actions related to patient empowerment via e-health tools are considered a big challenge for the region.

Kronikgune Centre of Excellence, Basque region

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KRONIKGUNE is an international excellence centre in research on chronicity, who entrusts institutional representation on international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment for the whole Basque population (2,2M inhabitants). The aim of this research centre is to enable innovative practices and the structured generation of scientific evidence regarding chronicity and health services sustainability.

KRONIKGUNE consists of more than 300 researchers belonging to the Basque Public Health System (Osakidetza) grouped into 31 research groups. The scientific research program followed by these research groups is clustered into 6 interconnected areas: population focus, health promotion and disease prevention, patient autonomy, continuity of care, adapted interventions and research on results.

Public Health Authority in Galicia (SERGAS)

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Consellería de Sanidade is the public health authority in Galicia, whose mission is defining and promoting strategies and guidelines consistent with health policy formulated by the Government of Galicia. Healthcare services in Galicia are provided mainly by a public institution, SERGAS, the Galician healthcare service. The main resources for SERGAS consist of 7 hospitals trusts with tertiary care services, and 7 rural hospitals with secondary care services. Another 460 primary care centres complete the network of healthcare facilities in the Region. About 38,000 professionals work at SERGAS, which is considered the biggest organization in Galicia. The public health authority and the public healthcare provider work in close collaboration towards the goal of providing sustainable healthcare services with the highest levels of quality, using ICT as an essential tool.

In 2010, SERGAS developed a strategic plan, which defines seven strategic objectives. One of these main strategic objectives is promoting technology and information in the public health service network.

An average of 30 M€ funding has been incorporated during the last 10 years to provide new models, based in the introduction of new technologies and tools to support organizational changes: Electronic Health record, named IANUS, e-Prescription or Digital imaging provide successful experiences that have provided and are currently providing benefits for quality and sustainability of health services.


Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality (AIAQS)

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AQuAS is a public entity of the Catalan Health Ministry with more than 20 years of history.  AQuAS role is to generate scientific and relvant knoweledge for all the agents of the Catalan Health System to inform decision making processes to contribute to the improvement of its quality, safety and sustainability.

AQuAS vision is becoming an evaluation benchmark in Catalonia, Spain and internationally.


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