Transforming the patient experience with telehealth in Europe

EWMA eHealth in Wound Care


Today, changes in population demographics, an increasing number of individuals with multiple comorbidities and lack of human capital within the health-care setting, represent new challenges for health-care systems. These call for services that provide less expensive and more efficient ways of delivering health interventions. The European Commission encourages the development and implementation of eHealth solutions to solve these challenges throughout the world.

Technology has already become an integrated part of health-care system. Today an increasing number of technical solutions and new ideas for using and sharing data are developed in all areas of health care. These include, but are not limited to, systematic medical treatment guidance in patients with heart conditions, general aspects of diabetes mellitus care, and management of individuals with COPD.

The document “eHealth in wound care – From conception to implementation” aims primarily to provide health care professionals with a rapid and structured overview of the key issues related to use of eHealth applications (telemedicine and telehealth) within wound care. This includes:

  • An overview of terminology and available literature
  • Guidance on the methodology for evaluation of eHealth solutions
  • An introduction to and discussion of the potential benefits of eHealth technologies in wound care, and the possible barriers to their implementation
  • Recommendations for ensuring a good implementation process and supporting involvement of wound care professionals in safeguarding that eHealth solutions meet the needs of the patients.

The document also provides an example of a field specific document on eHealth which may provide inspiration for other health care organisations aiming to provide their target groups with guidance on eHealth evaluation and implementation.